Cantina Furlani

Our wines and sparkling wines, all to be tasted

A few kilometers from the Ponte Alto farmhouse, you will find our land, hectares of vineyards arranged between the slopes of the Vigolana plateau and the hills of Trento, on mostly limestone surfaces, which reach 720 meters above sea level.
We cultivate following natural and biodynamic principles, without the use of herbicides and chemicals, in full respect of nature and the environment, with the aim of enhancing native vines, biodiversity and the Alpine winemaking tradition.
Inside the Cantina Furlani, thanks to a totally artisanal production, which does not include the addition of yeasts and the control of temperatures, we obtain genuine, refined and character wines, which reflect processing methods in balance between the teachings of the past and technologies innovative.
At Agriturismo Ponte Alto you can taste and buy our whites, reds and our sparkling wines, carry out tastings and request a visit to our Furlani Winery. For more information visit