Cosmesi Furlani

Spumante drops on your skin

From the Spumante Metodo Classico of our Cantina Furlani and from the synergy between high cosmetics and Trentino winemaking tradition the “Furlani – Gocce di Spumante on the skin” line of cosmetics is born, not tested on animals and totally free of synthetic dyes and preservatives, parabens, formaldehydes and isothiazolinones, perfect for the most sensitive skins prone to irritation and allergies.
Our natural sparkling wine cosmetics have all the extraordinary antioxidant and revitalizing properties of grape polyphenols, which effectively counteract skin aging caused by free radicals, giving the skin protection and nourishment. Thanks to the formula rich in natural ingredients, this cosmetic line has a strong moisturizing and anti-wrinkle power, promoting cell renewal. At the Agriturismo Ponte Alto you can buy the exclusive line of Furlani natural cosmetics with sparkling wine. For more information visit